30 Day Alcohol Detox


30 Day Alcohol Detox

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This 30 day course was created for those who are curious about sobriety, but haven’t made the move to try out the alcohol free life. This course is different because it was created for social drinkers who need a change; not for addicts or alcoholics.

The content of this course is designed to make you think differently about your relationship with alcohol through 30-days of reflective writing activities (don’t worry, you don’t have to be an experienced or talented writer for this program to be beneficial, you simply need to be willing to explore some of the underlying factors that have kept you drinking for so long).

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This course is not intended to be a replacement for 12-step or recovery programs, but rather for social drinkers who are sober-curious. It can be a helpful tool for those who have been questioning their relationship with alcohol and wonder what a sober or mindful drinking lifestyle might look like.

This course is for you if:

  • You don’t identify with the label “alcoholic,” but feel your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy.

  • You're involved in a social or professional scene where drinking seems to be the norm; you don't know how you'll manage if you quit or scale back.

  • You’ve tried mindful drinking, but still find it difficult to contain your drinking.

  • Drinking is not in alignment with other healthy lifestyle choices you’ve adopted (such as yoga, meditation, fitness or eating healthy).

  • You frequently binge drink, but have never hit “rock bottom” or had a real reason to quit drinking.

  • You don’t know how to overcome the social pressures of drinking.

  • You sense drinking is getting in the way of your personal growth, self-awareness or other aspirations.

  • You’re ready to investigate conscious approaches to drinking.

This course can also be a great support tool for those participating in Dry January, Sober October, or other extended sobriety challenges. Furthermore, this course can be helpful for those cutting out alcohol for healthy lifestyle choices like the Whole 30 or those training for an athletic competition. However, the true intention of this course is to assist those who want to permanently change their relationship with alcohol. This 30 day program alone will not transform your habits, but it will be a powerful mechanism to kick-start long-term change.

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