I know you.

You’re the girl who looks like she has it all together. You’re ambitious and full of potential. You keep your promises to everyone else.

But it doesn’t always feel that way. You have big dreams, but something is getting in the way. You’ve broken promises to yourself and you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

You feel stuck. You wonder if there is a better way.

I know you, because I was you. Today? I’m living a life I never would have imagined before and I owe it all to my decision to quit drinking…even thought I didn’t “have a problem”.

It wasn’t until I decided to end my love affair with alcohol that everything changed. If you are a “gray area” or social drinker and you’ve begun to get curious about how drinking is keeping you from living your best life, I can help.

I work with non-addictive (or “gray area”) drinkers who don’t require the support of AA or traditional programs to quit drinking. I work to help you navigate the common stumbling blocks of everyday situations that were once fueled by booze. I find that, often, my clients don’t need full-time support, but rather a sounding board and friendly ear to troubleshoot common pitfalls that come with going against the social norm. Many of my clients are best served with one-on-one mentor sessions that allow us to navigate through common stumbling blocks you’re sure to experience when you make a major lifestyle shift like taking a break from alcohol, or cutting it out completely.

In our one-on-one mentoring sessions, we’ll work to navigate through these situations as a team. Because I’ve been there, my job is to help you work through common concerns, fears, and anxieties. Here are some of the questions we frequently tackle during mentor sessions:

  • I’m still drinking, but I’m ready to take a break…how do I make a game plan? Is this the right choice?

  • I’m taking a break from drinking, but I have a (big event, life milestone, vacation) coming up…I’m not sure what to do.

  • I haven’t been drinking and I’m ready to start dating…where do I start?

  • I’m taking a break from drinking, but my partner isn’t…how do embrace this change?

  • I’m struggling with not drinking in social situations…how do I conquer the fear of missing out?

  • I’ve just quit drinking…how do I talk about my new lifestyle and share it with others?

  • I’m taking a break from drinking…how can I best work on my own growth during this time.

I’m here to help. Let me be your guide, your accountability partner, your confidant, your mentor on this journey. I understand how scary it can be exploring sobriety in a world where it seems like everything revolves around alcohol and drinking. I know how our fears and the idea that drinking is “normal” can keep us stuck in patterns even of they are no longer serving us.

In these one-on-one mentoring sessions, we’ll work together to create an alcohol-free lifestyle that you love. We’ll draw on both holistic and scientific approaches to unlock physical, emotional, and psychological factors that make navigating the world alcohol-free confusing. We’ll work to develop an action plan to set you up for success.

You’ll Get:

  • A deep-dive into your most pressing issue including a look at your past habits habits, triggers, and coping mechanisms.

  • Personalized resources and tools to help support your individual goals.

  • Simple and specific action steps to keep you on track.

  • A judgement-free sounding board to discuss ideas and concerns.

  • Advice, resources, and solutions to help you get past limiting fears, beliefs, and patterns.

  • Personalized guidance from someone who has been there + my expertise in wellness and helping others overcome gray area drinking.

What’s Included

  • One 2.5-hour video call.

  • One 30-minute follow-up call to help you over hurdles and challenges that pop-up along the way.

  • Optional follow-up support after the program is successfully completed.

Your Investment: $299

If you’re ready to really start living your best life; let’s chat. The first step is scheduling a 30-minute consultation to learn if this one-on-one mentoring program is for you.