Get instant access to this 30-Minute masterclass by clicking below!

Get instant access to this 30-Minute masterclass by clicking below!

…in a society obsessed with drinking

In This Masterclass You'll Discover:

  • Why alcohol is the one habit that's been holding you back from achieving all of your other goals, both personally and professionally.

  • A game plan to help you successfully navigate the ins-and-outs of giving up alcohol in the new year.

  • Why when it comes to resolutions: hope is not a strategy.

  • The secret to successfully giving up alcohol as part of your New Year's Resolution.

  • How to leverage the momentum of the new year to make going alcohol-free stick.

  • The real reason your attempts to moderate or quit drinking have failed.

  • The commitment you need to make in order to successfully go alcohol-free.

  • The pieces you must have in place to ensure your success.

...and how to make this lifestyle change without becoming a social outcast.

Presented by Amanda Kuda

Amanda is a young professional living, working & playing in Austin, TX.

Alcohol-free for over two years, Amanda is an coach for successful, ambitious women who are ready to build the life of their dreams by eliminating the ONE energy leak that keeping them from achieving success they want in all areas of their life: alcohol.

After her own journey to go alcohol-free made her aware of the lack of resources available to non-addictive drinkers who simply wanted to shift their lifestyle, Amanda became passionate about helping social - or ‘gray area’ - drinkers navigate the ins-and-outs of transitioning to a sober lifestyle.

Amanda Kuda | Mindset Coach