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MASTERCLASS: 5 Secrets You Need To Know If You’re Considering Going Alcohol-Free (in a society obsessed with drinking)

Join me for a free 30-minute Masterclass where I share my 5 secrets for successfully ditching alcohol in a society that’s obsessed with drinking.

Whether you want to take a long-term, short-term, or permanent break from alcohol, this Masterclass will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to make going alcohol-free stick.

How To Survive The Holidays When You’re Not Drinking

This free guide provides tips and tricks for mentality shifts and tangible ways you can prepare to attend festive events and family gatherings when you’re not drinking.

Whether you’re taking a permanent or temporary break from drinking, this guide can help support you through an alcohol-free holiday experience.

30-Minute Coaching Session - Limited Availability

For a limited time, I’ve opened up a few weekly spots on my calendar to coach and support women who are sober-curious or new to navigating the alcohol-free lifestyle and are looking for guidance and support from someone who’s been there.

I’m a 30-something non-drinker (who does not identify as an alcoholic or participate in any traditional routes to recovery), I chose the path of sobriety for my own wellness and growth and have studied under the leading minds in gray area drinking support to learn how to even better support young women who sense drinking culture is no longer serving them.

If this sounds like you, schedule a time to talk to me!

Guide to Navigating Dating Apps (& Dating) When You’re Not Drinking

Dating can be difficult enough without adding the complexity of not drinking into the mix. In a world where it’s common for a first romantic interaction to include, “meeting for drinks,” it’s important to prepare yourself to properly communicate your lifestyle choices.

The reality is, as a non-drinker (whether you’re taking a long-term or short-term break from drinking) you often have to educate others about your choices.

This free guide provides copy-and-paste scripts that you can use as-is or make your own.

Community: Sobriety and the City

Join our free Facebook community, Sobriety and the City, for young, ambitious women who want to live the “have it all” lifestyle and want to learn how navigating it all without alcohol can get you there more quickly.

This private community is not about (or for) recovery, but rather provides support, encouragement and empowerment for go-getters who want to have more and do more in life, but realize that alcohol may be the underlying factor holding them back.

This community is where we learn to confidently navigate a world that isn’t ruled by happy hours.

How To Heal Negative Energy In Relationships

Our bodies are full of energy…just as we have our own energy, we exchange energy with one another when we engage in relationships.

Energy in relationships doesn't just dissipate if you are physically separated; this energy binds us together even when distances or circumstances set us apart.

So, what can we do when we’ve found ourselves in a relationship where energy - specifically negative energy- seems to be “trapped”?

Download this free guide now to learn how.