How I'm Doing Life Differently Than I'd Thought

I paused to take note this morning as I listened to a podcast interview with Dr. Jon Mundy as he spoke about applying the principles of A Course in Miracles to everyday life (for those unfamiliar, ACIM is a metaphysical text that teaches us to break down old thought systems based on fear, lack, struggle, and separation; and accept a thought system based on love, abundance, ease, and oneness). Dr. Mundy shared that (in his experience) most people don’t come to the realization that there might be a better way for living life until they are in their 40s. He suggested that the years before are often spent hustling to meet outer expectations placed on us by our rational minds (and society).

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Why Hanging Out With Wiser Women Has Been Good for My Soul

Nearly two years ago, I apprehensively joined a women’s writing group. The group, actually part of a faith-based ministry, was meant to be an outlet for women to explore soul-conscious topics together. I was invited by a friend and mentor who knew my love for writing and deep thinking; and also knew it wasn’t being fulfilled. At first, I was the youngest member by nearly two decades, the eldest member being 45 years my senior. I feared we might have little in common. I wondered if they would take me seriously, that I would have trouble being vulnerable and writing from my heart. The truth is, I've always been an old soul, so the Universe could not have brought me into a better group of wise, caring women.

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My Top 3 To-Dos after Gabby Bernstein’s “A Way Through Every Block”

If you’ve meandered through my blog much, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m a big admirer of Gabby Bernstein and her work. So, when she announced her 2016 Summer Retreat, A Way Through Every Block, I was among the first Spirit Junkies to register. This three-day event took place at the end of July at the beautiful Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

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My Transformational Journey - Listening

If you haven't read Part 1 of My Transformational Journey - The Beginning, take a moment to read it here to set the stage. 

At the age of 28, I found myself in a state of emotional distress: I was heartbroken after a breakup, confused about my purpose and relentlessly pouring myself into a job that was draining me. Though I had begun to explore a spiritual practice, my practice was coming from a place of desperation and lack. I was unable (or possibly unwilling) to fully surrender. 

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My Transformational Journey - The Beginning

In the Fall of 2013, I was going through a pretty rough time. I had just experienced an important breakup and was pouring my heart into a job where I felt overworked and under-appreciated. I felt lost. 

I looked for answers as hard as I knew how at the time. I visited my therapist, poured my heart out to friends and drank too much on the weekends.

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