Single and Self-Aware

How Looking Within Drastically Changes the Dating Game

They say one of the first steps to finding love is to first know and love yourself. I completely agree: Successful relationships are not born out of two people trying to complete themselves or find the love they lack in another. However, as a single lady who has done a lot of work on the self-love and personal growth fronts; I can attest that increasing your self-awareness and emotional intelligence actually adds a new and unexpected challenge to the already complex world of dating. While being self-aware and growth-minded is absolutely a positive attribute, here are a few of the unique challenges you might face out on the modern dating scene:

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Affirmations for Improving Wellness in Every Area of your Life

Being “well” isn’t just about being healthy physically or mentally. Complete holistic wellness involves focusing on multiple facets of our overall wellness - financial, professional, physical & nutritional, intellectual, interpersonal, and emotional - in life. Often, we become hyper-focused on one area, leaving one or many of the other areas lingering.

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