What I Learned Spending a Week With Super Soul Sunday & TED Talk Alum

Somehow, I managed to spend nearly an entire week in the same room with some of the most revered minds in personal development. I was literally feet (if not inches) away from influential writers and speakers like Deepak Chopra, Brené Brown, Shawn Achor, and Simon Sinek. PINCH ME. IS THIS MY REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW??? Yes, I’m happy to say it is. Each of these awesome human beings has either A) Been interviewed by Oprah or B) Had a wildly successful TED Talk, or C) both (in addition to their crazy speaking and writing careers). They have each made tremendous contributions with their work, so you better believe I absorbed every ounce of what they said like a little sponge and took pages of notes.

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Clear your Blocks to Manifesting with This One Sentence

Tonight I tuned in to watch and listen to one of my favorite authors and speakers, Gabby Bernstein, for her livestream event: The Art of Manifesting 5 Secrets to Attracting What You Want (I was invited to attend after pre-purchasing her upcoming book, The Universe Has Your Back, which is slated to come out this September).

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My Transformational Journey - The Beginning

In the Fall of 2013, I was going through a pretty rough time. I had just experienced an important breakup and was pouring my heart into a job where I felt overworked and under-appreciated. I felt lost. 

I looked for answers as hard as I knew how at the time. I visited my therapist, poured my heart out to friends and drank too much on the weekends.

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