Are We Afraid of Bliss & Joy in Relationships?

While reading this weekend, I found a really interesting perspective on what I would call the “spark” in a romantic relationship; the rare, but awesome chemistry you feel when you’re both attracted to someone physically and stimulated by them intellectually. For me, the spark is a reason to be excited and curious; it's a sign of connection. For some though, the spark - while still exciting - is a reason to remember past wounds and be skeptical.

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Habits We Use to Avoid Healing and Growth

All healing occurs first at the level of the mind. Our mind is the vantage point from which we interpret life and create our own meaning. In order to heal the mind, we must first be able to access it, a task which is easier said than done. 

The problem is, we actively fill our lives with habits that help us avoid paying attention to the thoughts and feelings which rest in our minds. These mindless activities serve as a distraction to our ability to connect with our inner-self. Through my own pursuit for happiness and connection to higher consciousness, I’ve become more and more aware of the seemingly minor things we all do to avoid being mindful. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, these are the major areas I have become aware in my own life:

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An Evening with Marianne Willamson

My Top Quotes from The LOVE AMERICA TOUR

Recently, I had the great pleasure of hearing renowned metaphysician, self-help author, and powerhouse speaker Marianne Williamson give a talk in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I’ve devoured Marianne’s books and talks for several years - she is someone I admire and appreciate for both her spiritual and intellectual contributions to the world. While Marianne would say that the light I admire in her is merely a reflection of my own light; I couldn’t help but feel a little like a fangirl as she took the stage as part of her Love America tour, aimed at encouraging the spiritual community to get involved in political conversations and causes.

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The One Reminder you Need to Help Process Fear-Based Thinking in Others

For the longest time, I lived with a fear- or lack-based mentality. There was never enough to go around - be it money, jobs, love/romance, opportunity, etc.. When I lived in that mentality, it became my reality. I’d attract or anticipate lack or disappointment in every area of my life, always waiting for the worst possible outcome to surface - often, I’d attract just that.

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What Didn't Serve Me in 2017

In my last post, I wrote about several things I accomplished in 2017 that made me feel like a real badass. While that feeling runs pretty strong, the are - of course - some things I did in 2017 that did not serve me (mostly old habits, etc.). They say one of the best ways to focus on what you want - or what you want to let go of, for that matter - is to write it down. So let’s get to it, here are the things that did not serve me in 2017:

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How to React when You're Feeling Disappointed

Four Principles to Guide you From Judgement & Anger to Forgiveness & Peace

Sometimes, people disappoint you. A friend, a family member, a lover, a co-worker, even a near stranger. Disappointment occurs when we project our own desires and expectations onto others rather than accepting them where they are. The reality is, we disappoint others just as they disappoint us, but this fact doesn’t make it easier when someone fails to meet our expectations.

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