We Teach Best What We Most Need to Learn

Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about self-worth, growth, perseverance, judgement, and forgiveness. Really, when I sit down to write, I take an inventory of where I’m currently feeling challenged, what I’ve learned recently, or what I’m curious to explore more deeply. As a writer, I play the mixed role of both student and teacher. As student, I write to unpack a situation, an experience, an encounter, a feeling, or a relationship with the goal of growing and understanding something about myself. As a teacher, I write sometimes to provide specific advice or steps, but often to simply serve as a mirror through which others can see themselves; their own story, experiences, or struggle.

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Three Common Reactions to Judgment

Judgment is all around us. We silently evaluate and judge others for what they say, what they do, how they look. We make assumptions and project personal fears and beliefs onto people and situations. We compare ourselves, deeming our situations and decisions as better or worse than another’s. We judge ourselves, creating beliefs about who we are and expectations about who we should be.

Recently, I wrote about an interaction with a friend that left me feeling judged and hurt. I also shared that I chose to forgive my friend rather than being angry and to forgive myself rather than taking on the judgment as a reality about myself.

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An Evening with Marianne Willamson

My Top Quotes from The LOVE AMERICA TOUR

Recently, I had the great pleasure of hearing renowned metaphysician, self-help author, and powerhouse speaker Marianne Williamson give a talk in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I’ve devoured Marianne’s books and talks for several years - she is someone I admire and appreciate for both her spiritual and intellectual contributions to the world. While Marianne would say that the light I admire in her is merely a reflection of my own light; I couldn’t help but feel a little like a fangirl as she took the stage as part of her Love America tour, aimed at encouraging the spiritual community to get involved in political conversations and causes.

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How to React when You're Feeling Disappointed

Four Principles to Guide you From Judgement & Anger to Forgiveness & Peace

Sometimes, people disappoint you. A friend, a family member, a lover, a co-worker, even a near stranger. Disappointment occurs when we project our own desires and expectations onto others rather than accepting them where they are. The reality is, we disappoint others just as they disappoint us, but this fact doesn’t make it easier when someone fails to meet our expectations.

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