Quotes from my 2018 Writing Retreat

Two of the beautiful ladies from my group enjoying the morning view.

Two of the beautiful ladies from my group enjoying the morning view.

Earlier in the week, I shared how hanging with my ladies writing group has brought me personal fulfillment and growth. At our recent retreat, a weekend event we’ve enjoyed for the last two years, we each produced writing on various personal growth and spiritual development topics. I am always learning from these ladies...and I know they’re learning from me too. I always take notes when I listen to their writing and thought I would share some of the nuggets of wisdom I captured from their writing (and some of my own) this past weekend. While some may be slightly out of context without the rest of the writing, I hope they serve you and provide you with some food for thought:

“Boundaries protect me, they do not limit me. They keep me on the path I can say, ‘yes’ to.”

“A true journey is not for the faint of heart. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to look deep is brave work, and scary, and sometimes painful.”

“How might I love fearlessly, live intently, and be used for the greatest good?”

“Faith is a knowing. The thread that keeps our soul connected to spirit when our waking consciousness forgets.”

“You must sit in the dullness so the brightness can come forth.”

“Our purpose for our voice ranges from simple connection, to safety, to validation and entertainment. The purposes are endless and shift momentarily.”

“One of the greatest soul-openers can be in the presence of transition.”

“Wholeness is reaching a place where you can more fully welcome each opportunity for growth with the sense of knowing that you are being guided by the best teacher there is: the teacher within.”