Why Hanging Out With Wiser Women Has Been Good for My Soul

Nearly two years ago, I apprehensively joined a women’s writing group. The group, actually part of a faith-based ministry, was meant to be an outlet for women to explore soul-conscious topics together. I was invited by a friend and mentor who knew my love for writing and deep thinking; and also knew it wasn’t being fulfilled. At first, I was the youngest member by nearly two decades, the eldest member being 45 years my senior. I feared we might have little in common. I wondered if they would take me seriously, that I would have trouble being vulnerable and writing from my heart. The truth is, I've always been an old soul, so the Universe could not have brought me into a better group of wise, caring women.

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My Transformational Journey - Listening

If you haven't read Part 1 of My Transformational Journey - The Beginning, take a moment to read it here to set the stage. 

At the age of 28, I found myself in a state of emotional distress: I was heartbroken after a breakup, confused about my purpose and relentlessly pouring myself into a job that was draining me. Though I had begun to explore a spiritual practice, my practice was coming from a place of desperation and lack. I was unable (or possibly unwilling) to fully surrender. 

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My Transformational Journey - The Beginning

In the Fall of 2013, I was going through a pretty rough time. I had just experienced an important breakup and was pouring my heart into a job where I felt overworked and under-appreciated. I felt lost. 

I looked for answers as hard as I knew how at the time. I visited my therapist, poured my heart out to friends and drank too much on the weekends.

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