Be Willing

The last couple of months have been a little bit of a roller coaster. I’ve had awesome opportunities for growth come my way professionally, personally, financially, romantically, spiritually - you name it. Although there are always lessons to be learned, those that have been presented to me in the past few months have been particularly amazing and synchronistic. I’ve embraced each one as a powerful opportunity for growth. Yet, these past few months have been some of the most challenging I’ve faced. I’ve been challenged to think differently when I craved the comfort of familiarity; to speak my truth when silence would have been easier; to make myself vulnerable when I desperately feared pain; to be curious when I most wanted to retreat; to be forgiving when many would choose anger; to be patient when I yearned to intervene; to see possibility when I am being presented with problems.

I’d be lying if I said this had all been easy; that I’m at a place in my journey of self-actualization where things simply roll off my shoulders and I feel peaceful and harmonious. That is certainly not reality. The reality is, I fall into my fear based story, I still look for happiness and approval outside of myself, I seek for validation of my own worth, I don’t always choose to show up for the lesson when it is presented, I judge others, I criticize myself, I miss the mark.

While I may still be fumbling along, the consistent force that remains is this: I am willing. I am willing to choose again when I have chosen wrongly. I am willing to release thoughts which are not in alignment with love and possibility. I am willing to surrender feelings that keep me from feeling the way I want to feel. I am willing to see situations, people, and relationships differently than I did before. I am willing to be patient and sit with my discomfort. I am willing to see obstacles as opportunities. I am willing to let go of the outcome of a situation and allow things to unfold as the Universe would have it.

To Change & Grow (3).png

You see, being willing does not require you to change your belief system or to take any action. Being willing is all about allowing a power greater than yourself to intervene in a situation and course-correct. Being willing is admitting that your vision may be clouded, but that you are open to seeing a situation with new eyes rather than clinging to the image you have created and become comfortable with.

I urge you (and continue to urge myself): simply be willing; be open to possibility. Reject the voice of your ego that says you must always be in complete control or that you must struggle to see results. Be willing and open to possibility, for the Universe has a plan for you that is far greater than your own. Do not resist. Simply, be willing to let it unfold.