All the Little Things I'm Doing to Love Myself This Month

This week, I’ve sat down several times to write about relationships, self-love, romantic love...all the little topics that you see scrolling through your newsfeed during the month of February. Truthfully, I have so many thoughts on these topics that I want to share (stay tuned) that I barely knew where to start. I wanted to write about the beauty of being single, the struggle dating as a self-aware person, turning fear into love, releasing romantic illusions, transforming relationships, self-love (SO MUCH SELF LOVE), holding space for others, finding romance in your everyday life, how romantic partners can be our best teachers, how we misuse list goes on an on.

Just a photo of someone I!

Just a photo of someone I!

All this is to say, I have so much to share, but couldn’t seem to focus my brain on one topic long enough to produce just what I wanted to share on this beautiful Valentine’s Day. So, instead, I’ve decided to keep it simple and share with you a list I made for myself at the start of the month. February - being not only host to Valentine’s Day, but also my birthday - is a month I’m dedicating to self-love and personal growth. Here are some of the simple ways I’m bringing this self-love and personal growth mission to life this month:

Silence & stillness. It’s time I rip off the meditation band-aid. I’ve been a fair weather meditator (is that a thing?) for some time now, but haven’t managed to slip into a frequent routine. This is my time. I’m dedicating a little time each morning and evening to sitting and listening.


Journaling and writing like a crazy person. I can’t say enough about how much I love the self-reflection and emotional release provided by putting pen-to-paper. I’ve been free journaling for years, but am also excited to delve into this beautiful Practice You journal created by the lovely Elena Brower.

Getting down with metaphysics. I’ve been a student of the metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles for several years now. If you’re not familiar, renowned teacher of The Course, Marianne Williamson, describes it in this way, “A Course in Miracles is a psychological mind training which teaches us to dismantle a thought system based on fear, and accept instead a thought system based on love.” Much like my “when it’s convenient” meditation practice, I’ve hesitated to make time for studying the Course as I’d like. That’s all changing. I’ve made a commitment to finishing the text by the end of the month. Not surprisingly, I found that the lesson I’ve been stuck on for some time is the one I need most right now. So, it appears I’ve been procrastinating for a reason.

Surrendering...some more. Part of the work of A Course in Miracles is to release that which no longer serves you. This means getting serious about what thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and relationships are no longer serving you (note: this doesn’t mean “giving up” on a relationship, but rather releasing the current form of the relationship and allowing it to begin again from a place of love versus a place of fear).

The self-care extra mile. I already take pretty good care of myself. I work out five times a week, eat fairly well, try to get enough rest...but why not go the extra mile? This month, I’m taking extra care to fuel my body even better, rest, recover, and pamper. This includes lots of warm baths, lounging on my acupressure mat, practicing EFT, visiting a float spa (thanks to my bestie for the early b-day gift!), and just generally being extra good to myself because, why not?

Digital Detox. This is going to be a tough one, but I’m going to do it. I haven’t determined the exact time frame, but after my birthday, I’m taking a little detox from social media. It’s happening.


So, there’s the short list of how I’m going to show myself a little extra love during the month of February - with a little luck, I’ll also finish all of those other lovey-dovey posts I’ve dreamed up for you, too!