31 and Fun: Celebrating my First Sober Birthday in Over a Decade

If you read my recent post about my experience with Dry January, you'll know that I've opted to go at least 90 days into 2017 without drinking. When I set the challenge for myself, I knew full well that this would mean no drinks on my birthday. Though the idea was scary at first (and many thought I might cheat), I embraced the challenge and new way of being and prepared to celebrate my first sober birthday in over a decade. Here is how it turned out:

Ten years ago today, I was celebrating my 21st birthday (photos to come). I'd made elaborate plans to do nothing else but have friends buy me shots with hopes of completing my "Shot Book" (a scrapbook girls make for each other to document their 21st birthday). I had high aspirations to finish my book in one drunken night (many of my friends had to, or wisely chose to) split their shots into two different nights). I completed my self-imposed challenge, but ended the evening in drunken tears (likely over some boy or something else irrational). 

For the next ten years, my birthday (and other) celebrations continued down a similar path. While my birthday didn't always end in a puddle of tears, they always involved a celebration of me and drinking. I always looked at my birthday as a day where I was belle of the ball, where I could wear a special outfit and have others shower me with attention and free drinks. 

But today, my 31st birthday, is different. This is my 45th consecutive day without a drink. Instead of asking for fancy parties and shots, I asked my girlfriends to endure a workout at my gym this morning at 6 AM. I was pleased to have four friends to sweat with for the first 60 minutes of my day. I received healthy gifts like vegan muffins and fresh-squeezed juice. I arrived at work to find a gallon of water (as I frequently undergo a "gallon challenge" during the workweek) and several cards wishing me well. While I treated myself to pizza for lunch, I've planned a low-key dinner with a few girlfriends where I'll enjoy a giant salad and a mocktail of some sort. I couldn't be happier. I've felt so much love and endured no self-created drama. I've felt healthy, energetic, blissful and happy. It's insane for me to fathom that this is the first birthday in over ten years that will be free of alcohol...and that I'm completely at ease about it. I don't feel like I'm missing out by not having some lavish party, or even a simple get-together where I enjoy a single glass of wine. I'm looking forward to savoring each and every moment of my big 3-1. Furthermore, I most look forward to waking up feeling fresh and hangover-free. 

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