Affirmations for Improving Wellness in Every Area of your Life

Being “well” isn’t just about being healthy physically or mentally. Complete holistic wellness involves focusing on multiple facets of our overall wellness - financial, professional, physical & nutritional, intellectual, interpersonal, and emotional - in life. Often, we become hyper-focused on one area, leaving one or many of the other areas lingering.

I’ve been on the pursuit to both understand and achieve wellness in all of these areas. One common thread I’ve found while studying these topics is that those who are able to achieve high levels of wellness in these areas embrace a few similar characteristics: they are willing to experience the discomfort by embracing curiosity and imperfection. Furthermore, those who achieve wellness in multiple areas of life are willing to shift their perspective, to release old thought patterns which don’t support their own personal growth journey and embrace new ways of thinking which allow them to be open to change and possibility.

One powerful way to welcome a shift in perspective is to practice affirmations. Affirmations are intended to help you shift your capacity to receive, think, and act differently. Affirmations are a way of allowing in that which is already available to you - abundance and good which you have been blocking by thinking in old, negative, lack-based patterns. However, the intention is not to simply slap an affirmation on a negative situation or thought and move on. Affirmations must be practiced, meditated on, and felt.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the six basic areas of personal wellness as well as some of my favorite affirmations to help you shift your thinking and welcome in abundance in each area of life. I recommend writing affirmations like these in your journal daily (or finding others that resonate with you). The one key is to remember that affirmations are to be abundance focused, not lack focused (so, you would affirm, “I am well,” versus “I am not sick.”).


Financial wellness is about educating yourself on financial topics and putting practices in place to help you achieve your own financial goals. When your finances are in order, your life is more manageable and less stressful.

While we can sabotage our own financial wellness in many ways, one of the most common is focusing on a lack mentality, which affirms that abundance is not available to you. When we live from a lack mentality, we struggle to attract the type of money we desire and deserve. Unfortunately, living from this mentality can also cause us to spend in ways that sabotage our financial goals.

Financial wellness begins with shifting your mindset (I write a little bit more on prosperity teachings that intrigue me here). Below are some of my favorite affirmations for financial wellness. Truly, my entire relationship  with money - from my ability to attract more of it to what I did with it once I had it - completely shifted when I began practicing these affirmations:

There is more than enough to go around.
My income is constantly increasing.
Money flows to me with ease.
I prosper wherever I turn.
I do work I love and I am paid well for it.
Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.


Professional wellness is about finding joy and personal fulfillment in your occupation. We spend an inordinate amount of our lives at work, it is important that we find some purpose in the work that we do.

Often, we sabotage our ability to be well in this area by focusing on our current career, especially if it is not where we want to be in the long-term. I did this for years, sticking it out a job that was stressful and demanding. Though there were many wonderful things about this job, I chose to focus on the negative. What that brought, was more struggle and more negativity. However, when I made the decision to focus on my work experience with gratitude, I began to find opportunities for growth both within my current company and elsewhere. Within a short time, I manifested a promotion that changed the trajectory of my career and led to attracting a new job that was a better fit for me overall.

The perfect job is looking for me, and we are being brought together now.
I am open to infinite, creative possibilities.  
I embrace my current job, it is a stepping-stone to far greater positions.
I am successful in all that I do.
I am inspired and productive.
I am deeply fulfilled in all that I do.



Physical and nutritional wellness rely greatly on how we treat our bodies. Physical wellness can be different for each of us, but includes having a body that is vibrant and healthy. In order to achieve this type of wellness, we must take steps to care for and maintain our physical body in ways that feel good to us.

Nutritional wellness means fueling our body with nutritious foods. While there are many theories as to which nutritional lifestyles are best, our bodies and minds perform better when fueled correctly – and this may look different for each of us.

Our physical and nutritional wellness often suffers when we feel stressed in other areas of our life. We tend to criticize our physical appearance and the way we fuel our bodies, rather than embracing our ability and right to be vibrant and healthy.

For me, physical wellness means moving my body daily (though I do miss a day now and then), cutting out toxins like alcohol (which led to major changes for me), and adding in nutrients that make us feel great. If you’ve struggled with your physical or nutritional wellness, here are some affirmations that can help:

My body loves to be healthy.
I release unhealthy habits which no longer serve me.
I know how to take care of myself.
I appreciate my body.
I am well.
I forgive myself for not treating my body well in the past.
My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
I eat nutritious foods with joy.
My body is vibrant and full of energy.


Intellectual wellness is the ability to open our mind to new ideas, thoughts and education. The intellectually well mind is a curious mind, open to learning about new skills, making personal improvements or achieving educational goals.

It is my observation that we often become complacent in this area when we become overly consumed by financial, professional, or personal goals. Intellectual growth can be scary, it requires us to be curious, to acknowledge our imperfections, and to be vulnerable. Being intellectually well means seeking out tools and teachers that challenges us and help us to become a better version of ourselves. Here are some affirmations to guide your intellectual wellness:

I am willing to be vulnerable.
I embrace my imperfections.
It is safe to look within.
I forgive myself for not being perfect.
I’m in the process of positive change.
I am open to new and different ways of thinking.
I am willing to let go of thought patterns which no longer serve me.  


Interpersonal wellness is impacted by our personal relationships. We tend to attract like-minded people or those who are in similar life phases in our interpersonal relationships. We are well in this area when we are surrounded by individuals who challenge us and support us in our growth. Though all interpersonal relationships serve a specific purpose; they can often range from uplifting and supportive to negative or toxic.

Interpersonal wellness also includes our ability to find fulfillment in our romantic partnerships. This includes both having romantic relationships that have strong foundations and are fulfilling on intellectual, romantic and physical levels.

While we often attract those who are like us, we often attract those who are meant to be our teachers in both romantic and non-romantic relationships. We are well in this area when we are able to look at others with love, release judgement, and meet others where they are now (as opposed as projecting on them where we want them to be). Here are some affirmations for interpersonal wellness:

As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
I am loved and I give love fearlessly.
I attract only healthy relationships.
I release relationships which no longer serve me.
I release all drama from my life.
I choose to see clearly with the eyes of love.


Emotional wellness is the ability to understand and cope with all of life’s challenges. We often held back or fueled by feelings of fear, anger, sadness, stress, love, joy, and happiness.

Often, we let ourselves sink into the negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness, or stress by getting caught up in stories that we are not good enough or that there is not enough to go around. Emotional wellness can be affected by all other areas of wellness; it’s easy to experience negative emotions when you are struggling in one or many of the other areas. While it may seem difficult to simply shift your emotions, simply being willing to see things differently is a tremendous step in helping us to call in more positive emotions into our life. Here are some affirmations to guide you in this process:

All is well in my world; everything is working out for my highest good.
I witness my fear and surrender it fully.
I am willing to see this differently; I choose to see love instead of this.
I release negative feelings which no longer serve me.
I am in the process of positive change.
I choose to see peace instead of chaos.
I am committed to seeing my life with loving eyes.


No matter where you are in your own personal wellness journey, choosing to shift your perspective and acknowledge that abundance is available in all areas of life is a tremendous step in improving each of these areas of wellness. While we might not always be able to see the good in the moment, being open to abundance and miracles is the first step to attracting more of them in every area of our lives. In closing, here are a few of my favorite affirmations:

I expect miracles.
I believe in creative possibilities.
I am patient and I trust that I am being guided.
I will receive back what I give to the world.
I turn my obstacles into opportunity.
I radiate love, confidence, and truth.