Prosperity Tips I Can't Wait to Try

It’s funny how the Universe will make sure you’re in precisely the right place at precisely the right time if you’ll just let her. Now that I sit back and reflect, the Universe has been guiding me to think differently about money for quite some time. Ironically, I’ve been guided to career paths and volunteer opportunities where I have quite literally been the resident expert on financial topics. Yet, all this time, I’ve been living as an imposter when it comes to my personal financial practices.

You see, I’ve never had the most clear view of prosperity. Growing up in a single-parent household, I saw what it was like for my mother to struggle to find a job that would allow her to provide for my brother and I. While we always had food on the table and a roof over our heads, I know that it didn’t come easily for my mother. As a child, I struggled to understand why our family couldn’t have the same things as some of my friends. My mother did her best to bridge the gap; for several years, she even cleaned my dance teacher’s home in order for me to have dance lessons. My childhood experiences left me with a twisted set of beliefs about money; namely that earning it was a struggle and that once you had it, there was never quite enough.

When I left my tiny Midwestern hometown for college, I was determined to create a different life for myself. I’d get an education and develop a life where I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else for security. I was a smart kid with a lot of common sense, but because I was never taught about money properly, I made the same mistakes time and time again. I’d use my student loan money or my bonus from work to make large purchases instead of saving, I’d go out with friends instead of using my prepaid meal card at the dining hall, or make weekly trips to assert my newfound financial independence. Like many young adults, I also fell into the credit card trap and would also stretch the limits for what my “in case of emergencies” credit card could be used for.

I continued this cycle for years and managed to get myself in and out of debt multiple times in my young adult life. In addition to developing unhealthy habits, I also developed an unhealthy mentality about money. Even as a young professional with a Master’s degree, I wasn’t living the prosperous life I’d envisioned for myself. For several years, I lived a life of martyrdom because I hadn’t left the lack mentality from my childhood behind and as a result, I ended up attracting a lot more lack.

Somewhere in my late 20’s, a mentor introduced me to the works of Wayne Dyer (who I’ve written about many times). As I studied Dr. Dyer’s work, I began to make subtle shifts in my mentality. Little by little, I began to manifest opportunities to create prosperity in my life. By the end of the year 2015 I had shifted my mentality to a place that allowed me to become a magnate for money, completely resetting my financial path. 

Edwene and I after her workshop in Austin.

Edwene and I after her workshop in Austin.

Last weekend, the Universe led me to a teacher who I desperately needed to hear; her lesson instantly transformed my thoughts about money and prosperity. Edwene Gaines is the author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance, an ordained Unity minister and a renowned speaker. I’ve been fortunate to have been guided to some pretty amazing teachers in the past few years; I knew instantly that Edwene’s lesson was important. 

Before I get into the spiritual laws of prosperity Edwene teaches, I want to get clear on the profound way she described prosperity. You see, in her definition, prosperity isn’t just about money, it’s about being able to live a full life. That means:

  1. Having a healthy body

  2. Engaging in healthy relationships

  3. Doing work that we love so much, it doesn’t even feel like work

  4. Having all the money we can spend


Wow. It’s actually incredibly simple and intuitive. Living a prosperous life is more than money. However, we often separate our personal wellness from our financial wellness. But why? We are all worthy of complete abundance and prosperity, but we unintentionally cut off the flow to many of these areas on our own. Simply shifting my beliefs on the many ways we are prosperous would have been enough, but Edwene didn’t stop there - she had her Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity to share. Below, you’ll find my brief interpretation of each, but I’ll write more about them later:

Tithing. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve always been hesitant to tithe, but Edwene’s take on tithing as a spiritual act had me racing for my checkbook. Tithing is our way to show both trust in our Source and as a way to repay the person or institution who has provided us with spiritual food. In this sense, our tithe doesn’t always have to go to the same place. What is important, is that we are diligent in tithing 10% off of the gross of everything that comes in.

Forgiveness. Forgive everyone who you feel owes you something (think: Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors). This law is directed more at forgiving grudges, rather than monetary debt. It includes the grudges we harbor for others, but equally, the grudges we harbor for ourselves. We must be free of emotional debt in order to be free of monetary debt.

Goal Setting. Goals should include not only financial milestones (ie: paying off debt or buying a specific item), but also personal goals. To begin, you should write out 10-12 goals that you can put dates to - with these goals, you should be specific and choose a date that is reasonable to you. You should also keep a list or journal of all of your goals, no matter how large or small. When setting goals, remember: God is ready when you are, your goals come true as soon as you’re able to handle them. However, we do still have a part to play in achieving goals, we must continually “get ready” for all the good we want, which means taking steps daily to make those goals come to life (not just writing them down and hoping they somehow manifest).

Finding your Purpose. It’s sad, I think, that many people journey through life not even bothering to search for their true purpose on this planet. Everyone has a purpose, but often, we get confused with what others project on us and choose a path that aligns most closely with wealth or a skillset we are aware of, rather than what truly brings us joy. We avoid asking ourselves what we might do with our lives that would be the most fun, knowing that others may not agree with whatever it is we dream up. However, aligning with our purpose is how we attract joy and abundance into our lives. So, what would be the most fun thing you could do with your life?

As I write this, I’m just digging into Edwene’s book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity (you can find it here), while I’ve found that some of her instructions challenge me, I also find them to be incredibly intuitive. I’ll share what I learn, but also encourage you to check our Edwene’s workshop schedule on her website if you’d like to catch her message firsthand.