Why I Started Blogging

I've always loved writing. Through the last several years, I've been blessed that my education or work have also served as outlets to express this love. While I've dabbled in many genres of writing through the years - humorous, educational, academic, inspirational - I've always gravitated to writing that is thought provoking and meaningful.

In 2015, when I moved to Austin, I found myself in a space where I no longer had an area of my life where writing was necessary. At the time, I considered taking up blogging, but was unsure what I'd write about. I'm not an expert in anything, per se. I don't have an exciting hobby or world travels to write about (I didn't even have a passport until a few months ago!). What was I supposed to write about...myself? The thought seemed ridiculous. Truly, I was just getting to know my authentic self, sharing that with others seemed rather vulnerable.

Then, in the early Spring of 2016, I joined a ladies writing group. In one of our first meetings, a woman said something about her writing that was incredibly profound. Her words resonated with me, "I don't know why I chose to write about this topic," she said, "I just wondered if I might have something to share that someone else would like to hear."

I'm not sure if this is exactly how she phrased it. Reading it here, I'm sure it's not. What she said was so simple, yet so prolific. What I took away from her statement was the idea that our stories - our personal journeys - might in some way serve others. Could it be that simple, could I help and inspire others simply through sharing my own journey? As I began to think about it; yes, it seemed logical. Some of my favorite spiritual teachers often use their own journeys as illustrations.  

So, here we are. Welcome to my blog! I've dedicated this space to sharing my personal and spiritual journey as well as some lessons and tips I pick up along the way. In addition, I'll share reviews of workshops, talks and experiences that I think might be beneficial to you in some way. My hope is that this writing will not only contribute to my own growth, but also serve you in some way.