My Transformational Journey - Synchronicity

In my last two posts about my Transformational Journey, I've discussed what I saw as the beginning of my spiritual transformation as well as how I found value in listening to the signs around me (as opposed to simply relying on my own strength, intellect and persistence to get me through - which, for the record, wasn't working). If you missed those posts, you can check them out here

I see now that all of these situations were brought to me at precisely the right time, but there is one stand-out account about how synchronicity started to play a part in my transformational journey. Not long after I received a jaw-dropping message from a complete stranger (read my post on Listening), I decided it was time to start paying a little more attention to the world around me rather than just drudging through life waiting for things to change, hyper-focused on my own problems. But I'll be honest, my ego made getting in tune with the Universe harder than it had to be. I was too consumed in my own story and my own desired outcomes that I wasn't paying attention to much else. 

Synchronicity is truly a beautiful thing. I first learned about the concept from Dr. Wayne Dyer and again from my wonderful teacher Gabrielle Bernstein. Essentially, synchronicity is when life unfolds perfectly before your eyes. The beautiful thing about synchronicity is that you'll feel like you've barely had to lift a finger. Synchronicity simply requires you to be open to creative possibilities, to listen and to show up and do the work when it's time (let's be clear that you're not just idly coasting along!). You attract synchronicity when you are living in the flow. Here is my beautiful story of synchronicity. 

2015 didn't start out much different than 2014: stressed and unfulfilled by work, partying too much, broke and still feeling distracted by a past relationship. Fortunately, I had started to move into a more public role at my job; I was traveling and doing a lot of training for big groups of executives. The little time I got to speak was a great change of pace. Plus, I felt rewarded, successful and more appreciated for what I was doing. I trained hundreds of businessmen and women who saw me as an authority; it felt good. 

Overall, I was much more satisfied with where my job was going and it seemed many things were beginning to look up. To be clear, I wasn't looking for any new opportunities, but little did I know, the Universe had been carving out a delicate plan for me for some months. In short, I became thankful for the goodness that was coming my way and that's all it took to keep the goodness flowing. Looking back, I can truly say that had one tiny detail transpired in a different way, everything would have been different. Before I reveal where I ended up on this synchronous journey, let me give you the run down of a few things that had to fall into place for this universal plan to work:

  1. I had to stay at my job and accept the challenge of moving forward as corporate trainer (something I was quite nervous about committing to).
  2. In one of my first training sessions, I had to take time to have a conversation with precisely one out of 100 people in attendance.
  3. I had to be open to accepting the generous gift of a plane ticket to Austin, Texas from a near stranger. 
  4. My friend Shannon had to have her wallet stolen (sorry, Shannon), preventing her from making a weekend trip to see me.
  5. I had to be in the right place to accept a free tank of gas, giving me the literal fuel I needed to travel to see Shannon (since she was unable to come see me).
  6. I had to be open to receiving a suggestion from Shannon to search for a job in Austin...a city I had also never visited. 

So here we are, I'm sitting in Shannon's apartment, typing "Marketing Jobs + Austin, TX" into a job search board on my phone. And just like that, the job appeared. My telephone screen was large enough to fit exactly three jobs on the screen at one time. Two were from big-name corporations I instantly recognized. The third, was a locally owned mid-sized business. Coincidentally, I also knew that company...I had met their CEO a mere month before at the training I was facilitating. The two corporate jobs belonged at the top of my screen, they were only a few days old and had probably paid extra to have prime spots. The third job was 12 days old. I had also never searched for this company on my phone, there was no reason this specific job from this specific company should have had any precedent in my search. My jaw dropped and I immediately took a screen shot before showing the image to Shannon and explaining the significance. She looked back at me and said firmly, "You have to contact them; that's your job." 

I did just that. Before I knew it, my leisurely trip down to Austin had transformed into a job interview. Weeks later, I was selling my house in the Midwest, packing up my life and moving to Austin. Of course, I've left out a few details for the sake of brevity, but I can assure you that every single aspect of this plan unfolded before me - I simply had to show up. 

Nearly a year into my new adventure in Austin, I was looking back through photos to show a new friend the screenshot of the job posting I had saved. To my surprise, there was also another screenshot that I'd taken just a week before. Somehow, I hadn't noticed this image in all the times I'd told the story of how I ended up in Austin. The screenshot was an affirmation from Louise Hay...and it couldn't be more perfect: 

I hope my story of synchronicity encourages you to look for the moments of synchronicity in your life. Above anything, this part of my journey has reassured me that there is a power watching over us that has a plan that is far better than any plan we have set for ourselves. Should we simply be willing to listen and take a chance when the message comes through, there are wonderful things in store for us all.