Lessons from Wayne Dyer

Last week, my social media news feed went crazy with notifications about Wayne Dyer. Though he left his physical body (as he would describe it) last fall, his family, friends and colleagues celebrated what would have been his 76th birthday. 

This showing of love for Dr. Dyer reminded me of the deep respect and admiration I have for him. His teachings have been an integral part of my self-transformation - I know I am just one of thousands, if not millions who share this sentiment. 

I purchased Dr. Dyer's, The Power of Intention on September 20, 2014 upon the suggestion of my massage therapist who raved that Dyer's teachings had rapidly transformed his life. At the time, I was desperately searching for a source of transformation. I was unhappy at work and felt gridlocked with life in-general; not only were things not happening the way I'd expected them to, it didn't seem like much of anything was happening at all. 

As I dove into The Power of Intention, I struggled through the first few chapters trying to make sense of what - to me, at that time - was lofty talk about "spirit" and "synchronicity". I remember it taking me a long time to get through those first few chapters. But eventually, it started to click, the messages about setting positive intentions and transforming your outlook on life made sense. 

Dr. Dyer's messages about abandoning the "ego" and your sense of self-importance for a practice of loving self and others resonated deeply with me. I highlighted, bookmarked and scribbled notes from Dr. Dyer's teachings. I wrote sticky notes that I plastered to my bathroom mirror with reminders and positive intentions.  

I tried my best to put these teachings into practice each day. While my practice wasn't perfect, embracing positive affirmations was a huge step in overcoming blocks that had been burdening me for years. Sure enough, as I began to change my perceptions and set positive intentions, little shifts began to occur (I'll write more about how Dr. Dyer's teachings have inspired me in future blogs). 

Dr. Dyer's teachings have also led me to discover other tremendously inspirational and influential spiritual teachers and practices. I've barely grazed the surface exploring the prolific body of work he created. I am thankful that he devoted his life to being a teacher and mentor - his work is full of love and inspiration that we might all benefit from. 

I am tremendously grateful for the dedication he had to helping others. I aspire and intend to be the type of student, teacher and person Dr. Dyer was and continues to be.