Wherever you are Now is Perfect

"Wherever you are now is perfect, because you are going to use it later." Gabrielle Bernstien from her The Universe Has Your Back livestream book launch talk. 

Have you ever wondered how you ended up exactly where you are now? In a situation, a relationship, a job or just a phase of life? Do you find yourself wondering and anxious about what "the next big thing" will be? I used to subscribe to the idea that things happened to me, now, as I grow in my spiritual practice and connection, I understand more deeply that things happen for me. I can attest, as you begin to align yourself to a higher frequency, you start to notice all of the ways the Universe is working on your behalf. Sometimes you notice immediately, but often the lesson doesn't hit you until some time has passed. I've been living in this reality a lot lately - so it was no surprise that I was reminded that it's okay to step back and stop over-planning during Gabby Bernstein's recent book launch talk/livestream event for her new (and amazing) book, The Universe Has Your Back (you can buy it on Amazon here and enter your receipt number on her website to access free content!).

Gabby is has a lot of quotable-quotes in her books and talks, but I also like to find the surprise hidden gems like this one, "Wherever you are now is perfect, because you are going to use it later." This is a great reminder for me because I happen to be a bit of a future-tripper. I have a tendency to over-plan what is going to happen and how everything will play out. I've been wondering a lot lately about what's in-store for me next. This quote is a great daily reminder that the Universe has a plan that is far better than mine. I should just relax, listen and let her take the wheel. 

Furthermore, it made me reflect on some things in my past a bit differently. Specifically, six years that I dedicated to a job that, in the end, was draining me. Don't get me wrong, there were so many tremendously amazing things about my past job that I am thankful for without question. I worked for an amazing businessman and book author. As a young professional, I received an education in business and in life that most people would only hope to get from an MBA program. I was given gifts and opportunities there that I will forever appreciate. That being said, it was hard work and tremendously stressful. Unsurprisingly, the Universe had a bigger plan for me and when I got the nod that it was time to move on, I did. 

However, I'm also not shy to say that I held on to a bit of resentment related to my previous job and some of the people I worked with. For some time after I left, I wondered why I had been kept there for so long, even though I was wearing myself down. Was it my own doing? Was I the one not listening to the Universe? Or, perhaps, did the Universe have a bigger plan for me? 

Looking back now, I'd like to say it was the latter; that all those years of late nights, early mornings and lugging around my laptop everywhere I went for fear that something would come up were for a bigger purpose. I sit here now, reflecting on my new intention to help others through writing, speaking and coaching and realize that I could not have been in a better place to prepare me. The golden nugget that I didn't take away initially was that I received the following gifts from my past position:

  1. An education in business and people that is unmatched
  2. A front-row seat into the life of a best-selling book author has truly had an impact on the lives of others
  3. An inside look into the process of publishing and launching a book
  4. Hands-on experience to developing content that is useful and meningful to others
  5. Access to business connections and mentors that would take my call in an instant
  6. Real experience training, speaking and coaching others 

Some of this experience would not have been mine had I left a year - or even six months - earlier. It's true, I was in the perfect place. I feel I have already begun to put some of these gifts to work and am patiently awaiting what the Universe has in store. I am grateful for whatever ways I will be able to use these gifts now and in the future. As always, I hope that in some way, this work serves you.