Alcohol-Free(dom) Group Coaching

Are you ready to be free from alcohol?

Alcohol-Free(dom) is group coaching for ambitious, high-functioning females who are ready to be free from alcohol so that they can live life to their full potential. The truth is, focusing on changing the action itself is not enough. During this program, you’ll learn to go beyond counting days and move into taking the next steps of clearing mindset blocks and shifting belief systems that continue to hold you back even after you’ve quit drinking.

What if life looked like this?

  • What if you had the tools to navigate every situation life throws your way so that you can handle high-anxiety situations without a drink?

  • What if you could find a mentor who had been there and was ready to offer you shortcuts so that you can avoid common stumbling blocks of being sober in a Rosé All Day world?

  • What if you could shift your mindset so that you can go into each day having absolutely no desire to drink?

  • What if you could find a community of like-minded women so that you can feel supported on your journey?

  • What if you could start to re-frame your thought systems so that you can live the amazing life that is available to you as an alcohol-free woman?


Hi, I’m Amanda and I coach women who are ready to re-evaluate the role alcohol plays in their lives. I’ve been where you are: worn out and feeling stuck in the never-ending social pressures to drink, but also feeling certain alcohol was holding me back from living my best life. Frankly, I was terrified that giving up drinking would be some sort of social suicide.

When I decided to quit drinking, there weren’t many tools and resources out there for “normal” drinkers who wanted to quit drinking as a means to improve their lives. I created Alcohol-Free(dom) because it is exactly the type of program I needed and couldn’t find. Alcohol-Free(dom) is a 4-week group coaching program designed to provide women like you with tools, resources & like-minded community as you learn to navigate the most important decision you will ever make in your life: breaking up with booze.

I’ve done the work to eliminate alcohol from my own life and have completed hours of training to help you out of the “gray area” and into a life where you can be fully-present for work, relationships, and yourself. I believe you are intended to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and that freedom from alcohol is the fastest way there.

Who is this program for?

This program is for women who:

  • Have high-functioning lives and have already taken steps to change their relationship with alcohol (preferred 30+ days alcohol-free).

  • Are already alcohol-free and want more tools and practices to navigate new situations and achieve higher levels of personal growth.

  • Are gray area drinkers and have given up alcohol for long periods of time, only to fall back into old habits.

  • Are ready to up-level in all areas of life - personally, professionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • This program is not for alcoholics or addicts.

  • Men (sorry fellas, this group is ladies-only).

If you’re ready to commit to finding freedom from alcohol so that you can start living a life beyond your wildest dreams, start your application by clicking the link below. Applications for our Fall, 2019 program are now open.

Alcohol-Free(dom) is a 4-week group coaching program where you’ll learn to quickly navigate the stumbling blocks of living alcohol-free so that you can get on with living the life you were intended to live. Enrollment for our Fall, 2019 program opens August 15th and waitlisted members have the opportunity to join early bird pricing and other bonuses.

What you get

  • Weekly live group coaching calls where you’ll get lessons customized to the unique needs of the group & opportunities to share & receive in-the-moment coaching.

  • Community and support from a small group of like-minded women so that you feel seen & supported on this journey.

  • Homework & exercises to keep you on track.

  • Unlimited access to watch the call replays jam packed with resources & tools you need to shift your mindset around alcohol.

  • Tools & tips to help you navigate common stumbling blocks more quickly.

  • Accountability & encouragement to help keep you on track and help you overcome urges.

  • Optional access to a private Facebook group to continue conversations and support outside of weekly calls.

  • Optional 1:1 mentoring upgrades for additional, personalized support.

How it Works

  • Our Fall, 2019 session of Alcohol-Free(dom) begins in September.

  • Calls are typically every Wednesday at 7 PM CST

  • We will meet weekly for 1.5 hour live (recorded) calls for 4 weeks.

  • Bonus “lightening” coaching sessions to help you take a deep dive into your biggest stumbling blocks.

  • $298 investment ($228 early bird pricing available to those on the wait list before September 1, 2019)