You Don't Have To Hit Rock Bottom

Who really wants to hit rock bottom? To find yourself curled into the fetal position on a floor somewhere, sobbing uncontrollably from pain, heartache, and distress so deep that you’re willing to do something radical to heal from it? Praying to whomever it is that might be listening, pleading for assistance to help you recover. This is the scene I’ve heard described over and over by wise mentors, teachers, and students alike. And, while I’ve certainly had low points and found myself crippled over, sobbing uncontrollably, I wouldn’t say I’ve experienced this tremendous breaking point as others describe. While I could be relieved that I’ve not experienced a rock bottom, it’s actually left me quite fearful that it could be just around the corner.

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Are We Afraid of Bliss & Joy in Relationships?

While reading this weekend, I found a really interesting perspective on what I would call the “spark” in a romantic relationship; the rare, but awesome chemistry you feel when you’re both attracted to someone physically and stimulated by them intellectually. For me, the spark is a reason to be excited and curious; it's a sign of connection. For some though, the spark - while still exciting - is a reason to remember past wounds and be skeptical.

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How to Heal Negative Energy in Relationships

Hopefully this is no surprise to you, but our bodies are full of energy. Whether you’re familiar with chi, chakras, auras, meridians, or some other “life force” energy; the common consensus is that this energy flows through all beings in order to maintain health and wellness in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacities.

Just as we have our own energy, we exchange energy with one another when we engage in relationships.

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We Teach Best What We Most Need to Learn

Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about self-worth, growth, perseverance, judgement, and forgiveness. Really, when I sit down to write, I take an inventory of where I’m currently feeling challenged, what I’ve learned recently, or what I’m curious to explore more deeply. As a writer, I play the mixed role of both student and teacher. As student, I write to unpack a situation, an experience, an encounter, a feeling, or a relationship with the goal of growing and understanding something about myself. As a teacher, I write sometimes to provide specific advice or steps, but often to simply serve as a mirror through which others can see themselves; their own story, experiences, or struggle.

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How I'm Doing Life Differently Than I'd Thought

I paused to take note this morning as I listened to a podcast interview with Dr. Jon Mundy as he spoke about applying the principles of A Course in Miracles to everyday life (for those unfamiliar, ACIM is a metaphysical text that teaches us to break down old thought systems based on fear, lack, struggle, and separation; and accept a thought system based on love, abundance, ease, and oneness). Dr. Mundy shared that (in his experience) most people don’t come to the realization that there might be a better way for living life until they are in their 40s. He suggested that the years before are often spent hustling to meet outer expectations placed on us by our rational minds (and society).

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Quotes from my 2018 Writing Retreat

Earlier in the week, I shared how hanging with my ladies writing group has brought me personal fulfillment and growth. At our recent retreat, a weekend event we’ve enjoyed for the last two years, we each produced writing on various personal growth and spiritual development topics. I am always learning from these ladies...and I know they’re learning from me too.

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An Evening with Marianne Willamson

My Top Quotes from The LOVE AMERICA TOUR

Recently, I had the great pleasure of hearing renowned metaphysician, self-help author, and powerhouse speaker Marianne Williamson give a talk in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I’ve devoured Marianne’s books and talks for several years - she is someone I admire and appreciate for both her spiritual and intellectual contributions to the world. While Marianne would say that the light I admire in her is merely a reflection of my own light; I couldn’t help but feel a little like a fangirl as she took the stage as part of her Love America tour, aimed at encouraging the spiritual community to get involved in political conversations and causes.

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Why Hanging Out With Wiser Women Has Been Good for My Soul

Nearly two years ago, I apprehensively joined a women’s writing group. The group, actually part of a faith-based ministry, was meant to be an outlet for women to explore soul-conscious topics together. I was invited by a friend and mentor who knew my love for writing and deep thinking; and also knew it wasn’t being fulfilled. At first, I was the youngest member by nearly two decades, the eldest member being 45 years my senior. I feared we might have little in common. I wondered if they would take me seriously, that I would have trouble being vulnerable and writing from my heart. The truth is, I've always been an old soul, so the Universe could not have brought me into a better group of wise, caring women.

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What to do When You’re Freaking the Eff Out

5 Simple, Non-Traditional, Ways to Get it Together When it Seems Like Things are Falling Apart

+ Four Practices to Avoid

It doesn’t matter how often you meditate, how frequently you practice self-reflection, how many self-help resources you consume, how “together” you may have it in your personal life or career - you are allowed to freak the eff out from time-to-time.

These freak outs can come from a variety of places: chaos of the holidays, work, relationships, whatever. The general onset of a freak out is a disruption to our own plan that sets us into mental overload, regressive thinking, and general impatience. We tend to freak out when things don’t go “our way” (more tips for managing these situations here) or when there’s some sort of big-picture uncertainty in play. So, what are some steps we can take to bring ourselves back to center when we’re freaking the eff out?

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Prosperity Tips I Can't Wait to Try

It’s funny how the Universe will make sure you’re in precisely the right place at precisely the right time if you’ll just let her. Now that I sit back and reflect, the Universe has been guiding me to think differently about money for quite some time. Ironically, I’ve been guided to career paths and volunteer opportunities where I have quite literally been the resident expert on financial topics. Yet, all this time, I’ve been living as an imposter when it comes to my personal financial practices.

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