Hello friends! 

I'm glad you're here. Authentically Amanda is a wellness and personal development blog where I share my obsession for seeking, living, and sharing my authentic truth. It was only a few years ago when I was decidedly not living in this truth, but rather a material, surface-level, dulled-down, fear-based version of life that I thought was completely normal.

What I know now is that living in your authentic truth requires dedication, gentleness, and raw vulnerability. In this blog, I share my own journey and what I'm learning along the way. I'm passionate about using this knowledge to help others find the path to their authentic truth as well. 

On the blog, I share about personal development & wellness including spirituality, singleness, and relationships. Most importantly, I dive deeply into what it's like to be a single, social, thirty-something living an alcohol-free lifestyle (and my mission to help re-write the narrative about sobriety).

I truly hope that there is something here which serves you in some capacity.

Authentically, Amanda

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